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Oh Barnaby, has Australia got a plan for you! Or maybe that’s the Labor Party? This and much more from the Crikey bunker.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

All let us reJoyce What’s a deputy prime minister to do? You’ve spent most of your time in public life opposing even the inadequate and failing targets your government has put in place, despite the destructive effects climate change is already wreaking. But now the IPCC report has landed and made an un-ignorable case for swift and radical action on emissions. If you’re Barnaby Joyce, you respond with a customary cocktail of bluster and bewilderment.

On RN this morning, asked by Fran Kelly why the Nationals were so implacably opposed to net-zero emissions by 2050, Joyce was a picture of passivity: “The reason is no one has told us what the plan is.” Kelly asked if maybe he, as a member of a government that is in power, might have a part to play. “We don’t come up with the plan,” he countered, arguing that was the role of agencies like the CSIRO. Later, continuing the theme of not knowing how government works, Joyce added: “If the Labor Party feel so reverently about this, they can legislate it.”

Black comedy OK, sure, the senior leadership of government doesn’t appear to have any thoughts on how to slow the ever-quickening approach of the apocalypse — but that’s not going to stop those wags in the ACT Young Libs from having a laugh.

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Charlie writes about industrial relations, politics and culture. Prior to Crikey he worked across government and unions and was a researcher on RN’s Daily Planet. He hosted The Alternative History on Triple R, and is an occasional host on Breakfasters.

Charlie Lewis — Tips and Murmurs Editor

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