We’re seeing a rather fun surge in new retro games, with the Game Boy being a platform that certainly draws in some enthusiastic developers. One of these is GreenBoy Games, which we highlighted earlier in the year in relation to a Kickstarter campaign for their game The Shapeshifter. Now it’s announced The Shapeshifter 2, which will also have a Kickstarter campaign starting on 1st October.

Shapeshifter 2
Image: GreenBoy Games

As you can see in the image above it’ll be a physical package with a code wheel and extras, but the key thing is that it’ll have two cartridges. The developer is saying this is for a game mechanic, not for space, and that it’s currently seeking a patent. It’s also stating it’s only possible on the hardware, that the patent ‘can only be applied on games for Game Boy which try to replicate this mechanic’.

The whole principle of the first game was that you could become a range of animals that you touched, so perhaps that’s taken further with this cartridge mechanic. In any case at this stage it’s all a teaser with little detail, so we’ll need to see what emerges.

Shapeshifter 2 Screens.JPG
Image: GreenBoy Games

It’s interesting to see new games like this emerge for retro hardware; we’ll keep an eye on the project’s progress in the coming months.


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