PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 13, 2021 / 07:04 PM

A former member of the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast has reportedly been arrested and charged with battery.

CBS Miami reports Christopher “Prince Michael” Harty is accused of attacking a woman in his Miami apartment on July 22.

A woman who had been dating Harty for more than a year went to the apartment to drop off his shoes, an arrest report states. Subsequently, when Harty answered the door, the woman threw the shoes at him.

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Harty then allegedly pulled the woman into the apartment, slammed her to the ground and punched and slapped her. She was also reportedly dragged around the residence by her hair before breaking free and calling the police.

Harty faces a kidnapping charge in addition to the battery charge.

A judge has ordered that Harty be placed under house arrest and a $25,000 bond was set during his first court appearance, CBS Miami reports.

Harty was one of L&HH Miami’s original cast members and appeared during the first two seasons beginning in 2018, according to his bio on Fandom.

Photo: Miami-Dade Police Department

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