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9 September 21, 12:00 pm AEST


Inside the world of extremist thought.

Society’s fringe dwellers are on the march. Armed by social media, private messaging apps and dog whistles from the rich and powerful, many forms of right-wing extremism are growing.

How to stop them? How do you convert a neo-Nazi, kill-off a conspiracy theory? What can authorities and concerned citizens do to make democracy more robust and resilient?

Join Crikey’s Janine Perrett for a discussion with:

  • Former neo-Nazi Jeff Schoep, from Beyond Barriers
  • Lecturer in Terrorism Studies from Macquarie Uni Lise Waldek
  • Extremist watcher and journalist Tom Ravlic

Have we learned anything about approaches to countering extremism? Who are the most dangerous extremists? Are governments and social media platforms doing enough to counter the spread of their dangerous ideas.

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Janine Perrett Columnist

Janine Perrett

Janine Perrett is a journalist, broadcaster and commentator on business and politics. She has four decades of experience working in newspapers, radio and TV, here and in the US.

Jeff Schoep Founder of Beyond Barriers

Jeff Schoep

Jeff is the Founder of Beyond Barriers, a non-profit organization committed to a new approach of countering and preventing extremism.

Lise Waldek Lecturer in Terrorism Studies

Lise Waldek

Lecturer in Terrorism Studies

Lise is a Lecturer in the Department of Security Studies and Criminology, Macquarie University. She currently convenes courses on terrorism and political violence, counter terrorism, and the modern intelligence practitioner.

Tom Ravlic Extremist watcher and journalist

Tom Ravlic

Extremist watcher and journalist @TRAVLIC

Tom Ravlic is an investigative journalist, author and academic with more than 22 years experience in reporting on and analysing politics and regulatory affairs.

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