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Police are reminding citizens to exercise responsibility while commuting T&T’s roadways by managing their time to meet curfew requirements without placing themselves and other persons at risk.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service issued the reminder as it extended condolences to the family of Ryan Rampath, 23, who died in an accident along the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway last night.

The vehicle was badly damaged in the crash and the other occupants sustained serious injuries.

While the incident is now under investigation, the time of the collision was very close to the commencement of the 9pm curfew.

TTPS Road Safety Coordinator, Sgt Brent Batson, said the extent of the damage suggested the driver was speeding.

He urged people to be responsible on the nation’s roads and comply with the curfew.

Sgt Batson said: “The TTPS maintains its visibility and vigilance during curfew hours and will consider only reasonable explanations such as going to the hospital or airport, once justified, would be entertained,” explained.

“There is no need to risk life and limb to try to speed to get to your destination quickly,” he added.

Batson concluded: “The curfew is a tool implemented by the State to support public safety during the pandemic and disobeying road safety regulations is an antithesis to its goal to help save lives.”

For 2021, 51 people have died in road traffic accidents compared to 64 for the same period last year.

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