The White Lotus actor Murray Bartlett has addressed episode 4’s cliffhanger, which features his character Armond caught ‘rimming’ one of his employees when Shane walks in on them.

Bartlett recently sat down with our colleagues at Digital Spyto reflect on filming this scene.

“I think that there’s ways to show intimacy, that you don’t need to be explicit, and it can be even more intimate and amazing when you don’t see stuff,” he began to explain.

In the context of this scene, we wanted to be shocking, and, you know, it is shocking.

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“But I also love that it’s not something that we see very often,” the actor pointed out.

“In terms of the function of the scene, I think the shock value of that for people who are not used to that kind of… configuration of intimacy [laughs], is really brilliant.”

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Further along, he weighed in on the dynamics of Armond’s relationship with Dillon, played onscreen by Euphoria‘s Lukas Gage. “It felt right in terms of the shock value. And it felt great in terms of: ‘Let’s show something that is a natural part of sex for a lot of queer people.’

“It serves the scene in such a great way,” concluded Bartlett.

Look out for the full interview on Digital Spy after The White Lotus finale airs on August 15th in the US.

The White Lotus streams on HBO and HBO Max in the US.

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