PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 23, 2021 / 02:50 PM

Megan Thee Stallion is no stranger to protective hairstyles—especially colorful wigs. The “Captain Hook” artist has even gone as far as to rap about how she likes to switch her hair up every day. This is partially why fans were shocked when the rapper opted for extra-long faux locs to rock during the entire extent of her vacation.

Keep scrolling to see a photo of the hairstyle that garnered over 2M likes on Instagram.

While the 26-year-old absolutely loved her new look, Megan admits she has no idea how to remove the faux loc style, and neither does her hairstylist Kellon Deryck. She even went so far as to ask her Instagram followers for advice. 

In a playful IG video, the fresh-faced Hot Girl shared a storytime entitled, “F**k Kellon”

“I was really excited to get my locs. […] So, Kellon come over here yesterday and he was like, ‘b****, you ready for this new style?’ I was like, ‘yes! I’m ready for a new cut, a new color’, I’m like ‘yes, b**** put a new wig on me!’”

She continues, “Why this boy don’t know how to take these locs out? Why you let me get this hairstyle and you don’t know how to take it out? […] I’m tired, Kellon. Go get on YouTube. Figure it out. Somebody help him. Y’all go tag Kellon. Help him figure out how to uninstall these locs!”

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“At this point the locs are real… please help,” Megan captioned her video. 

Kellon responded via video explaining how he tried three times to get the locs out, but alas, was unsuccessful with uninstalling the style. He also added, “Somebody help me. How do I get these locs out this lady head?”

We sure hope that Megan and her hairstylist can figure out how to remove the style. According to Megan, this is the longest she ever kept a hairstyle

(Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET)

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