Image via miHoYo.

The constant flow of content into Genshin Impact will continue when update 2.1 arrives on September 1. The game will get new missions, areas, and characters, including Kujou Sara. To get people interested in the possibility of adding Sara to their party, developer miHoYo has released a new character demo video.

Kujou Sara is an Electro wield Bow user who follows Baal, the Archon of Inazuma. She also followed the Vision Hunt Decree and will lead troops in the pursuit of Visions. Sara has a history with Kazuha, as she killed his friend in a duel, but he fled with his friend’s vision before she could seize it. We will get to learn a lot more about Kujou Sara when the new quests arrive in the game with the upcoming update, and players will be able to spend their hard-earned Primogems on Wishes to get the character if they like.

Sara will have some competition for player’s attention, at least on PlayStation. Update 2.1 will also bring Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy to the game on PlayStation consoles, and she will arrive on PC and mobile in update 2.2. The 2.1 update will also introduce a new fishing system to all platforms, plenty of weapons, and lots more events for players to take part in.

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