Skip Bayless may be an Oklahoma Sooners fan, but one single tweet may have just wrecked the season for the players in Norman. 

Fox Sports 1 analyst Skip Bayless is a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners fan and will tweet about their greatness on a consistent level. However, one tweet may have not only eradicated his credibility but potentially damaged the upcoming football season.

Recently, Bayless commented how he believes the Sooners should be ranked No. 1 in college football, ahead of defending national champion Alabama. His reasoning is, as his old friend Stephen A. Smith would say, blasphemous.

Oklahoma is better than Alabama and should be ranked No. 1. Spencer Rattler will win the Heisman. Tide will miss Sarkisian. Bill O’Brien isn’t in Lincoln Riley’s league as a play-caller. OU’s O will be much better, D underrated. Tide is out. Sooners are in.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) August 17, 2021

Bayless speaking about Bill O’Brien not being in the same stratosphere as Lincoln Riley? Good lord, have mercy. Yes, Riley is an excellent playcaller, but do we forget the job that O’Brien did at Penn State in bringing them a level of prominence? Sure, his stop in Houston wasn’t necessarily glorious, but he got Houston to the playoffs several times.

Also, the Oklahoma defense is underrated? And they will be in while the Tide are out? Keep in mind that since the inception of the College Football Playoffs, the Tide have only missed the invitational one time, and every time Oklahoma has made an appearance, the results haven’t been close, and the defenses have usually been shredded.

Furthermore, the Tide have made five appearances in the championship game and, including last year against Ohio State, boast three national championship trophies, and it would have been four had it not been for Deshaun Watson’s heroics in 2016.

Skip Bayless is known for hot takes and crazy theories, and this ranks right up there with the best of them

However, not everything is as laughable as it seems. Bayless did mention that quarterback Spencer Rattler would win the Heisman. That has the potential to be accurate because, since 2008, three quarterbacks from the school lifted the prestigious trophy in Sam Bradford, Baker Mayfield, and Kyler Murray. It may not happen, but there is a strong possibility.

Nevertheless, the tweet doesn’t make sense. It puts severe pressure on a program that had produced top-notch offenses but less than desirable results on the opposite side of the ball and, as mentioned before, disappointing results when it comes to the College Football Playoff.

Also, the Sooners did not make the playoffs last year and instead wound up in the Cotton Bowl against Florida, in which they won quite handily.

Bayless may have high hopes for the Sooners, but unless something changes within the program, there’s a good chance he just messed it up for his favorite team.

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