The Instagram post by Manchester United garnered more than 12 million likes on the social networking site…

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, at the age of 36, is breaking records as well as the internet. The announcement of his return by Manchester United on Instagram garnered 12,907,022 likes as of now.

With more than 12m likes, Manchester United’s Instagram post became the most liked post by a sports team on Instagram. Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi announcement video on Instagram had attracted 7,819,089 likes.

While Ronaldo’s anouncement post has broken records for a post by a sports team, it does not feature in the most popular sports photos on Instagram. That record belongs to Ronaldo’s arch-rival Messi whose photo with the Copa America trophy went viral. 

Which are the top 5 most liked sports photos on Instagram?

Lionel Messi with Copa America trophy

On July 11, 2021, Lionel Messi posted a photo of the Copa America trophy on his Instagram handle. Argentina had defeated Brazil in the final of Copa America 2021 to win an international trophy after 28 years. It was also Messi’s first major international title in his professional career. The photo got 21,935,273 likes making it the most liked sports photo on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s tribute to Diego Maradona

Before Messi’s photograph with the Copa America trophy, Cristiano Ronaldo held the record of having the most liked sports photo on Instagram. On November 25, 2020, after Diego Maradona passed away, Ronaldo had posted a photo of him with the legendary Argentine which got 19,878,717 likes.

Lionel Messi’s tribute to Diego Maradona

Like his rival Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi too had posted a tribute for compatriot and legendary predecessor in the Argentina national team Diego Maradona. The photo of Messi with Maradona got 16,408,458 likes.

LeBron James’ tribute to Kobe Bryant

After USA’s Basketball legend Kobe Bryant’s death on January 26, 2020, LA Lakers star LeBron James posted tribute for the late Basketball star with a photo of him with Bryant. The photograph got 15,374,572 likes.

Kobe Bryant’s last Instagram post before his death

The last photo which legendary NBA star Kobe Bryant posted on Instagram before his tragic death on January 26, 2020, garnered 14,448,040 likes. It was a photo of Bryant with LA Lakers star LeBron James. The photo was posted just hours before his death. 

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