Here’s where players can find the Superman, Armored Batman, and Beast Boy NPCs in Fortnite to complete the Superman Challenges.


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Fortnite season 7 superman skin

Here’s where players can find the DC Hero NPCs Clark Kent, Batman, and Beast Boy in Fortnite.

With the release of the Superman cosmetic set, Fortnite has added a few DC Heroes to The Island. Unlike licensed superheroes in the past, these three characters are actually friendly. They can’t be hired, bought from, and they aren’t really worth fighting. However, they play an integral role in unlocking special cosmetics.

Clark Kent, Armored Batman, and Beast Boy can be found roaming specific locations on the map. Players will have to visit them several times before the end of Season 7 if they want to unlock the Superman cosmetics. This article will show the locations of all three heroes and how they can get the Superman set.

fortnite armored batman skin zero point

Fortnite DC Hero Locations

Superman, Batman, and Beast Boy can all be found at very specific locations. Clark Kent is at The Orchard which is the small apple farm north of Corny Complex. Batman can be found around some of the crates in the southern portion of Dirty Docks. Beast Boy is found on the large bridge in the middle of the Weeping Woods forest.

As mentioned prior, all these three NPCs will do is give players quests. However, players will have to complete five quests given to them by these NPCs if they want to unlock the Superman set. Players can’t take on multiple NPC quests at one time, so they will need to visit these NPCs five different times.

For those having a hard time finding them, the map below marks all three of their locations. Players won’t have to worry about visiting all three, so they can pick and choose which ones they want to visit.

fortnite superman batman beast boy locations

On top of visiting these NPCs, players will also need to complete a lot of Epic Quests. 80+ Epic Quests need to be completed in order to unlock the entire Shadow Superman set. While that sounds like a lot of work, players should take the Superman challenges one at a time. Start with visiting these three NPCs and then focus on widdling away the Epic Challenges.


The Fortnite Propifier gun is the latest in Alien technology. This utility item turns players into inconspicuous props in the blink of an eye.


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August 11, 2021

fortnite propifier gun

Another new piece of alien tech has landed on The Island. Here’s where to find the Fortnite Propifier and what it’s used for.

The IO and Aliens have introduced a lot of new tech during Fortnite Season 7. At the start of the season, The IO added Pulse Rifles, Railguns, and Recon Scanners to the loot pool. Aliens brought UFOs and Ray Guns along for the invasion. And the destructive power of these weapons has only increased over the season.

Now, players can hide in plain sight using the all-new Fortnite Propifier. It’s not as flashy as the Grab-itron, and it doesn’t melt through builds like the Plasma Launcher. However, players can escape their foes with ease, or get the jump on them, with the help of this brand new gadget.

fortnite propifier menu

Finding and Using the Fortnite Propifier

The Propifier can be found just like any other tech weapon this season. It won’t spawn as floor loot, but it can be dropped from chests, on abductors, or in the mothership. Since it is an Alien weapon, it will have a higher chance of being found on Abductors and Motherships.

As for how you use the Fortnite Propifier, that’s up to the player. When activated, players will be presented with a holographic selection menu with various options to choose from. Once a player scrolls to an item they like, they need to confirm their selection to be transformed.

Once transformed, players can stand still for their prop to settle into place. Every few seconds the item will glitch slightly which keeps propified players from being completely hidden. However, this can be used to hide from enemies or get the jump on unsuspecting opponents.

The Fortnite Propifier has to rank among one of the silliest yet useful weapons in the game. Other items such as the Inflate-a-Bull and Grab-itron have made season 7 one of the wackiest and most enjoyable seasons yet. Let us know down below what you think about the Propifier and the rest of Season 7.


The Post Rift Tour challenges are available in Fortnite and allow players to unlock even more free cosmetic items!


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August 9, 2021

post rift tour challenge cosmetics

The Ariana Grande concert might be over, but there are still Post Rift Tour challenges to complete to earn more free goodies.

The Rift Tour was a hit with one of the wildest in-game events taking place over this past weekend. Players were able to explore The Last Reality while enjoying music from some of their favorite artists. While the focal point of the event was the larger-than-life performance by Ariana Grande, players may have been more focused on all of the free cosmetics.

Before, during, and after the Rift Tour, players have been given a ton of free items. Before the Rift Tour, players were given challenges to complete in exchange for cosmetics. Crew Pack subscribers were also given a few free goodies for logging in during the Rift Tour. And those who attended the Rift Tour got a free umbrella. Now, the Post Rift Tour challenges allow players to earn even more free stuff.

fortnite rift tour

Post Rift Tour challenges & rewards

The Post Rift Tour challenges come in two sets with the first set already being available. The second set will unlock in seven days on Monday, August 16. This article will list all of the challenges as well as what players can unlock by completing them.

Week 1 Challenges

  • Play 10 matches with friends – 30k XP
  • Reach top 25 five times with a friend – 30k XP
  • Use an Alien Hologram pas at Weeping Woods or the Green Steel Bridge – Rift Tour Spray
  • Complete three Post Rift Tour challenges – XOXO/Kiss Emote

Week 2 Challenges (August 16)

  • Play 10 matches with friends – 30k XP
  • Open 2 Cosmic Chests – 30k XP
  • Use an Alien Hologram Pad at Risky Reels or the Sheriff’s Office – 30k XP
  • Complete all six Post Rift Tour challenges – Chrome Cuddlecruiser Umbrella

The challenges will only be around for a limited time and are the only way to get the exclusive emote and glider. These cosmetic items are actually pretty cool which makes them worth the grind. While playing 10 matches and placing top 25 might take a while to complete, it’ll be worth it in the long run.


Here’s where you can find the Grab-itron in Fortnite to fight your opponents with gravity. Pick one up before one picks up you!


1 week ago


August 3, 2021

Fortnite grabitron gun

The newest weapon to come to Fortnite is a gravity-defying portable UFO. Here’s where to find the Grab-itron in Fortnite.

When Fortnite Season 7 started, players were having a blast with the UFO’s many tools and weaponry. The Saucer Cannon would rain down plasma balls to decimate opponents. And the tractor beam could pick up players and throw them long distances.

The tractor beam could also be used to pick up large objects like boulders, cars, and semi-trucks. These objects could be hurled at enemy players, but hitting them required accuracy and timing that most players might not have. Now, with the Grab-itron in Fortnite, hitting opponents with cars is a whole lot easier.

Grab-itron locations in Fortnite

This piece of IO Tech is extremely powerful if players can get their hands on it. Luckily, it’s not too hard to find. The Grab-itron can be found in chests all around the map. But, being an Alien weapon, it’s easier found inside chests on the Mothership or on Abductors.

The Grab-itron has a multitude of uses starting with the obvious. You can now pick up heavy objects and fling them at opponents with better accuracy. However, you can also use the heavy objects as a shield to protect you from incoming fire.

This weapon is also a great counter to rockets and explosives. Incoming rockets can be grabbed out of the air and thrown back at players. The same goes for grenades, firefly jars, and recon scanners. Don’t want your builds getting destroyed? Just throw the hazards back where they came from.

fortnite season 7 teaser

So, what do you think about the Grab-itron in Fortnite? Leave a comment down below whether you like or hate the newest Alien tech weapon. As well, send us your best clips using the Grab-itron on Twitter @FortniteINTEL. If we like it, you might even be featured on our page!

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