Horizon firing from her faster Gravity Lift

Image via Respawn

Seer coming onto the scene is the only thing shaking up the Legend meta in Season 10 of Apex Legends. Four existing Legends are seeing some changes this season, and not all of them are changes you might expect. Let’s dig into all of the buffs and nerfs our Legends are seeing in Season 10: Emergence.

All Legend ability changes

It’s a mixed bag for some of the other Legends, but Fuse is buffs on buffs all around. Caustic is also in a pretty good position.


  • Passive: Grenadier
    • [Buff ↑] Can now be toggled on and off, allowing players to throw grenades normally if they want to
  • Tactical: Knuckle Cluster
    • [Buff ↑] The total duration of each Knuckle Cluster explosion has doubled
  • Ultimate: The Motherlode
    • [Buff ↑] The Motherlode now outlines enemies inside of it so they are easier to see


  • Tactical: Gravity Lift
    • [Buff ↑] Increased lift speed, though not as fast as its originally speed
  • Ultimate: Black Hole
    • [Nerf ↓] After the initial pull, the slow from the Black Hole has been reduced


  • Ultimate: Death Totem
    • [Nerf ↓] Other player now have audio and visual cues for when Death Protection is about to wear out
    • [Nerf ↓] Players are now slowed down for a small amount of time when recalled to the Death Totem


  • General: Gas Damage
    • [Buff ↑] Starting at 5 damage, gas damage on non-caustic enemies now increases by 1 every other tick indefinitely
  • Tactical: Nox Gas Trap
    • [Buff ↑] Cooldown is now only 20 seconds (formerly 25)
  • Ultimate: Nox Gas Grenade
    • [Buff ↑] Cooldown is now only 3 minutes (formerly 3.5)
    • [Nerf ↓] Duration is now only 15 seconds (formerly 20)

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