Kabul before its complete fall to the Taliban on Foreign Correspondent was a winner for the ABC, but once again Q+A took a dive.

A Taliban fighter (Image: AP/Rahmat Gul)

How do you spell Australian TV on a Thursday night? Besides the obvious B-O-R-I-N-G, try N-R-L (Nine) — 604,000 (as the second-string Melbourne team beat the Gold Coast for their 19th straight win). Q+A? Well, Afghanistan dominated with 521,000 viewers — after Foreign Correspondent’s well-timed report from that embattled country — 654,000. But 20% of its audience vanished in a matter of minutes when Q+A started. It was actually interesting, but impotent.

Could you spell Thursday night TV with The Bachelor? 704,000 for Ten with no opposition and bored female viewers in the demo locked down in Sydney, NSW and Melboring.

The Front Bar was on too late in Sydney thanks to the odd programming ideas of Seven. Its 511,000 national viewers was solid and the 271,000 in Melbourne was the fifth biggest audience in that market and the ninth biggest nationally last night.

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