Since Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) arrest, it has been rumored that he is being investigated for nine  charges involving sexual bribery, filming sex videos, group sex, and drugs. Netizens have been keeping themselves busy digging into Kris’ past, and discovered that the Canadian Chinese singer did not break the law for the first time. In 2016, Kris was investigated by the customs department for bringing counterfeit goods into China.

When Kris returned to Shanghai from overseas, customs officers discovered that he was bringing counterfeit luxury bags and goods into the country and was preparing to sell them to his fans. The goods were immediately confiscated and in order to make an example of him, customs officers filmed a short video for the public.

However, due to Kris’ overwhelming popularity at the time, the issue was quickly swept under the rug and only surfaced again recently.

Even though Kris’ career as a celebrity is over, he will not have to ever worry financially. He made his debut in South Korea as a member of the popular boy band EXO. After leaving the band in 2014, he returned to China to develop his career. In 2017, he placed tenth on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list with an annual income of over 133 million Chinese yuan. Since then, he has invested in many different companies and endorsed 16 different brands, and estimated to have earned CNY 150 million in the last two years. Even if he is given the lightest sentence of three years in prison, he will likely never have to worry about money.

Source: HK01

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