Virginia rapper Pusha T isn’t here for Certified Lover Boy. He’s come forward to show he’s not with Drake’s new album’s cover and co-sign it as being genderphobic.


King Push, a longtime enemy of Drizzy’s, liked an Instagram post calling out Drake’s album art. The original photo labels the CLB cover art as whack and another example of the value placed on “mediocre” cis-males in the art world.

“Tell me the (art) world values mediocre White cis-male artists above all else Without telling me the (art) world values mediocre White cis-male artists above all else”

The original poster came forward to let followers know her message was about the creator of the album art. She made it be known she wasn’t dissing Drake but rather the profits that the designer, Damien Hirst, would make from it.

“UPDATE: people (trolls) are REALLY confused. Especially the @champagnepapi die hards. First of all- neither Drake nor Damien Hirst care about what I’m saying so I don’t think you need to come to their defenses. Second: I AM NOT SAYING DRAKE IS A WHITE ARTIST. If you’re going to drag a drag at least please do your homework???? Damien Hirst is a white artist who has made an exorbitant amount of money based on mediocre art. Here’s my art: 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”

While Pusha T might not be excited the OVO Sound boss’s mom knows it’s game time. The hip-hop star’s day one has shot over a super pumped handwritten letter to him in anticipation for Certified Lover Boy to arrive to the masses.

The 6 God went to his reliable Instagram Story to share a sneak peek at Sandi Graham‘s must-read message. She acknowledged the project’s inevitable release and

“To: Lover Boy. Three days more we’re counting down, for us to hear the best everyone’s excited, cause you’re nothing like the rest. Three more days my pookaroo, I couldn’t be more proud of you.! Loving Mom”

Drake is returning to his roots on the new LP. It has been revealed Drizzy’s upcoming Certified Lover Boy will be rap-focused.

The 6 God will reportedly stick to hip-hop on the project is supposed to drop this Friday. Hot 97 radio veteran Ebro revealed the music details on his Twitter and has fans hyped up.

“I actually heard it is a straight up rap album”

While Drake has been spitting bars, the Toronto rapper still knows its deeper than music. The music star has stepped up to help out a fan’s sister.

Drizzy gifted a fan’s sister, who is in a wheelchair, a 2021 Dodge Pro Master wheelchair accessible van. After the fan posted a picture and explained everything Drake had done, the 6 God dropped nothing but love to him and his family in the comments.

“God is good. This has been a wild year, to say the least. My sister, Dora, was gifted a 2021 Dodge Pro Master wheelchair conversion van by @champagnepapi ! Those that know me, know he’s my favorite rapper/artist of all time. He has been a HUGE blessing for me and my family. Glad to call him brother and friend. I don’t have to use the pick up truck to take her to her appointments anymore. We can all ride comfortably, especially Dora, to her doctor appts with little effort. This has changed our lives for the better. 🙏”

“Love my g love to the family!!! Big wheels keep rolling!!!”

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Written by Chris Goossens

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