When you get to Cassie’s Collection in Psychonauts 2, you will be working to double-cross one of the archetypes for the Psychonaut. After gathering up the Writer, Teacher, and Counterfeiter parts of Cassie’s brain, you will team up and take on Librarian Cassie, who assumes herself to be the real Cassie and is ruling over the mind. When you confront her, she transforms into the Die-Brarian. Here is how to defeat her.

Before we begin, we recommend having Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Projection, and Psi-Blast as your powers equipped. Obviously, choose what you feel the most comfortable with, but Projection will be a necessity to win this fight.

When the fight with the Die-Brarian starts, she will call in some Enablers and Censors. Kill the Enablers first and then take out the Censors. We like to set them on fire and then hit them with Psi-Blast as they run away. When you knock them out, the boss will fire out B’s at you, so avoid them.

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Eventually, the boss will begin shaking the arena and causing things to fall from above you. Avoid the shadows to not be hit by the debris. An important thing to keep in mind here is that there will be many items on the ground that you can pick up with Telekinesis. Use this as your ammo and shell her with anything you get. Psi-Blast will also damage her, so if you have an opening, send some shots her way.

Eventually, the Writer Cassie will throw a pen into the arena. These items they throw in do a ton of damage, so be sure to use them. Once the Die-Brarian has taken enough damage, she will be momentarily knocked out.

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When she is on the ground, run forward, bring out your archetype, and send him into the Die-Brarian’s mouth. A short cutscene will play with the Writer partially taking over the boss’ body.

For phase two, more Enablers and bigger Censors come in. Same story here, just take out the Enablers first, then focus on the Censors and watch out for the B’s and ceiling attack. The Teacher Cassie will also throw a ruler out to you on the field, so look out for that.

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The Die-Brarian also has a new move during this phase where she will shush at you and try to blow you off the arena. Just run back at her and use rolls to distance yourself from the edge. Also, if you get lucky, you can find items on the field like an ink bottle that will stop you from moving backward, and you can constantly throw things at her while she does it.

Get her health down far enough, and she will be stunned again. Send your archetype in again, and the Teacher will join the Writer inside.

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Phase three will bring more of what you have seen already, more Enablers and bigger Censors to kill while dodging the ceiling attack and B’s. The difference is, she will call reinforcements in more often and chain them together with her attacks, so be sure to take out the Enablers and Censors to avoid being overwhelmed. Look out for Counterfeit Cassie to throw in some kind of sharp object to take out a huge chunk of her health.

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Once the Die-Brarians health has been depleted, she will fall one more time. Send your archetype in one more time to finish the fight and clear Cassie’s Collection.

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