Remedy Entertainment announced today during its quarterly financial report that over 10 million players have played Control.

That number doesn’t directly translate to 10 million copies sold, since Control is featured quite prominently on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, but it’s a great milestone for the supernatural single-player adventure game.

For those curious, Remedy’s financial report also contains some good news for the company’s second quarter of financial year 2022, that ended on June 30 2021. The company brought in €9,417,000 (about $11,111,500 USD) in revenue during the quarter, and €2,304,000 (about $2,718,580) in operating profit.

For a company that hasn’t released a game since Control, and has brought in revenue by porting the game to new consoles and expanding to Xbox Game Pass, those are pretty good numbers, and a good sign for the studio’s financial future.

Control continues to reach new players, expands into new games, and is a strong proof of our ability to create category defining games and brands,” CEO Tero Virtala wrote in a statement. “Our multi-project model is continuously developing and we are approaching a phase where we can launch new games more often and more regularly.”

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