The Consumer Council says it has received more than a hundred complaints and enquiries over the sudden closure of two beauty salons and a massage parlour.

The three companies involved – About Beauty, Dr.Protalk and Top Comfort – announced on Wednesday that they were suspending operations, but did not make clear when or if business will resume.

On an RTHK programme on Friday, the council’s Chief Executive, Gilly Wong, said if the companies are able to take out loans or find new investors, they may be in a position to reopen.

Wong said some of the complainants were long-term customers of the companies, and some of them had pre-paid as much as HK$32,500.

But she said if the businesses eventually close down, chances of consumers getting their money back via court proceedings are very slim.

Wong also said the watchdog had contacted Bonjour Holdings and was told that it sold the three companies in 2015 and no longer has any ties with them.

Wong advised customers to keep all the transaction records they had with the companies, and urged the current proprietors to come forth and explain what is happening.

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